Friday, April 26, 2013

Valorie Hutt 1938-2013

Valorie in 1961
Updated May 19, 2013 -- Celebration of Valorie's Life info and slideshow added in final paragraph. 

Valorie J.H. Hutt – May 7, 1938 to April 26, 2013. Earlier today my mom left behind her corporal body to join my dad in, to use her words, the Gardens of Paradise. After more than a half century together, nine months was all they could stand to be apart.

Valorie grew up in California desert towns and suburbs of Los Angeles. She met David at Pomona College, and off they went on their wild ride together. Running a successful agribusiness followed grad school at Berkeley, and along the way they raised three sons and served the community in countless ways. After selling the family business, they found their way to Santa Fe and became enchanted with New Mexico. There she encountered kindred spirits to debate Jungian psychology, mystic philosophy and astrology, all while working full time and supporting my dad's dream of starting an organic farm. Dad's poor health forced the sale of the farm. The return to California was a blessing, however, as it allowed my mom to get to know her youngest grandchildren. 

Valorie is survived by her brother Jim, sons Peter, John and Andy and grandchildren JT, Caitlin, Brian, Matthias, William, Juju and Rex. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Split this Rock, Pomona College, or the Quivira Coalition.

Andy, Rex, Catherine, Juju, Matthias & Valorie at the Aquarium of the Pacific on February 24, 2013

We held a Celebration of Valorie's Life on May 18, 2013. Thanks to all who attended and shared their memories of my mom. For those of you didn't make it, the slideshow from the event is posted below. For a larger HD version, click the YouTube button on video below and the slideshow will open in YouTube, then select 720p under settings.


  1. Dear John and family,

    I'm sending my deepest sympathies at the loss of your mom and grandma. Val was such a bright soul amidst our circle of astrologers here in Santa Fe and will be dearly missed.

    For we are the stars. For we sing.
    For we sing with our light.
    For we are birds made of fire.
    For we spread our wings over the sky.
    Our light is a voice.
    We cut a road for the soul
    for its journey through death.

    —Passamaquoddy Indian poem

    Love and blessings,
    Angela Werneke

  2. Dear John and Val's family,

    We have missed Val and David since they moved from here but have always kept them both in our hearts. I know now they will be together again and though you and all your family will dearly miss them, it is a beautiful thought to think of them together in the garden they will no doubt build there. My deepest blessings and condolences.

    Marcia Starck from the Santa Fe astrology group

    1. Unable to offer words.
      Hands folded, head bowed.

  3. I am not deft enough to properly describe how privileged and thankful I am to have had Val (and David) in my life. My best thoughts and wishes to everyone as we grieve together.

    Ricky Grams

  4. Peace be with you all- may the angels wrap their wings around her and ease her home.- I am so glad to have known Val..

  5. she was a good grandma to me

    matthias hutt

  6. Valorie and David were the best neighbors I could of ever had and met, They were two of the awesome's person to visit with. They worked hard on there farm even though they had alot of set backs they never gave up. They well grow a beautiful garden in there paradise together. I'm so sorry for your loss, may God blessing you all. We remember them every day as we look outside at their farm, they will never be forgotten. They will always been in our prayers.

    Annabel Shafer

  7. The "Gardens of Paradise" are undoubtedly thriving and getting ready to produce a "Bumper Crop" now that Valorie and David are there working hand-in-hand as they did here on Earth for so many lovely years.
    May God Bless Them Both

    With Love, Susan Champion

  8. Valorie will be missed just as David is - I have known them both since we all were young. It was so good to see them both last year at Polytechnic School's 60th reunion for the Class of '52. David never gave up, and neither did Val. I am glad I had a chance to meet some of their family at David's Celebration of Life, and to see those wonderful pictures of their life together. Thank you for your friendship, Valorie and David.

    David Young

  9. Valorie was one of my closest friends here in Santa Fe. She and David bring the best of humankind to any realm they inhabit. Their spirit is so open and embracing. I am so thankful for being in their lives. I will miss the many metaphysical excurions Val and I shared. On April 27, 2013, I dedicated the radio show, Moonwise, to Valorie. You can hear it on itunes or in the podcasts at
    My condolences to her family!

    Merrylin LeBlanc

    1. Merrylin, I listened to the podcast of your show. Thank you so much dedicating it to my mom.

  10. Valerie was my friend from high school. I am so glad our girls group could have their reunion in palm springs. I will miss her very much.

    With love, Sharron Levey

  11. Dear John,

    I am so grateful to have known your mom and dad over the years here in Santa Fe. I was just thinking about your mom yesterday and then today I "happened" to check an email account that I don't currently use, and received your sad news. Your mom had such a kind spirit and a warm heart. I smile as I remember Valerie.

    Love and Blessings to you and your family,

    Judy Moon

  12. Joan Brooke MooreMay 3, 2013 at 9:47 PM

    Dear Brothers Three,

    I first met Valorie and David (and through them, Andy) almost twenty years ago when I was deep in grief over the sudden death of my partner. Valorie and David were good friends to make at such a crisis time: extremely generous, warm, watchful and observant. Present. Aware. And both were important to the development of my own thought regarding the philosophical and spiritual. David introduced me to a book (David Abram's The Spell of the Sensuous) which I use today in one of my college classes, as well as Thomas Berry's The Dream of the Earth. Valorie shared with me her strikingly creative angles on astrology, energy, intuitive prospecting and apprehension. Hearts of course, both of them. But also their minds were alive, and I was the richer for time spent in their company. My gratitude. I am sad not to have had a more recent last conversation. I am glad to think about their sojourn here in the earth, about it being "finished in beauty."

    With love and condolences to all your family, Joan Brooke Moore

  13. Shivering alone beside the leafless Chitalpa tree
    Planted David and I together
    An empty patio table umbrella folded so many many meals
    Hands folded, head bowed,

    Sadness. Silence. Too much really, and far too soon.
    Rain please...tears unable to slake a budding leaf's thirst.

  14. Thank you all for the well wishes and condolences. My mom was blessed to have so many wonderful friends.

  15. Thank you, thank you, for this beautiful photographic and musical tribute. I miss Val and David so much.

  16. The world was a better place with Valorie Hutt in it. I love you, Val.

  17. Dear Jim, John, Peter and Andy;
    Thank you so much for sharing the slide show of the celebration of one of my best friends life. I miss her, I miss David. They invited me into their life with open arms and shared so much with me. We shared laughter, tears, wonderful conversations, interest in so many subjects, broke bread together and wonderful family holidays. One of the loveliest things that I was privileged to watch was the love just sparkled in Valorie's eyes when she spent time with her grandchildren. I think she was happiest when she was with all of them. Thank you Valorie and David for allowing me to be a part of your lives!
    Andrea Santee

  18. I just watched the video on the Life of Valorie. It was so moving. What an incredible woman. I have been blessed to know her and have her for a friend for so many years. I will miss her. Much love, Sharron

  19. Magnificent photo collection of Valorie. Thank you for the reminders of Val's huge, yet quiet presence. Val and David were amazing unconditionally loving people. Many were blessed, and I will always be grateful they made it to Santa Fe. My life changed forever more - and for the better. Val's astrology was always right on, even when only a quickie! My love to all the family. Though a few states may separate us, know my heart is forever with you.

    Much Love,
    Melanie Deason
    (Roswell, NM)

  20. Thank you for sharing the beautifully moving photos. I feel so special to have known Valorie and David. Valorie had a gift she shared lovingly with everyone.
    Love and peace to the family.
    Deborah Clayton Wainhouse

  21. I was in Val's class at Gardena High and in many of the same organizations. She was a star then, and this tribute tells me that star shone ever so brightly throughout her remarkable life. Our paths didn't cross again until reconnecting through Facebook. Thanks to the slideshow, I am able to get a glimpse into the life she so well lived. My heart goes out to all her friends and family as they deal with their loss.

    Jo Ella Hunter

  22. Dear Libby & Peter
    What a fine tribute to a beautiful woman...... your Mom
    Thanks for sharing the video ,so well done with intermingling pictures of her early & later years plus appropriate back ground music.....

    Gods Blessings now on her loving family in grief....

    Our Love Jinny & Don