Sunday, October 3, 2010

We're Finally Here

A big welcome to the site from us-David and Valorie Hutt. John has done a real bang-up job starting up the blog and Andy has contributed also. Thank you, guys. It’s nice to have such computer-savvy offspring! We thought we were really accomplished to finally figure out how to use the ATM!

Due to David’s illness the past season was not the usual production one. We knew it would be too much work for us since David was on chemotherapy and very weak. Instead we have been experimenting with different varieties and techniques. All of these crops are in the greenhouse. No Field crops were planted this year.

Over the next weeks we’ll be writing about the experiments and crops in the greenhouse – how they are doing and what new veggies we’re planting. We are planning on going into real production this winter with lettuces, chard, kale, spinach and beets. And if all goes well we will plant greenhouse and field crops next spring.

Until next time……….


  1. Wow, an actual post. Impressive. And I thought putting my money on pigs flying first was such a safe bet.

  2. The reason farmers don't like flying pigs is that they have to build higher fences.