Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Market! To Market!

Tuesday we made our first delivery of the season to La Montanita Co-Op in Santa Fe.  The delivery was for Rhubarb Chard, Cherry Tomatoes and New Red Fire Lettuce.  The lettuce is a loose leaf type, but it is not as red as it is capable of being.  (The reason: we have not been able to take the shade cloth off of the greenhouse yet because of persistent high winds.)

Rhubarb Chard

To keep the produce fresh and crisp we do several things.  First, we pick early in the morning.  Second, we put the freshly cut lettuce and chard into certified organic boxes that are recycled from La Montanita.  Third, we line the boxes and cover the produce with damp towels to hold in the moisture.

New Red Fire Lettuce

Damp towel used to retain moisture
After grading and packing we place the boxes of produce in a cool place, typically in a refrigerator.  At La Montanita, they have walk-in coolers where the temperature is held at 34 degrees.  (All the cool part applies to the lettuce and chard.  Tropical and subtropical produce such as tomatoes, avocados, bananas, mangoes, etc. should not be stored below 55 degrees.)

With our foliar feed program, our produce should be especially tasty and nutritious.  Enjoy!

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