Friday, October 1, 2010

Storm Photos

Here are some photos that illustrate the sometimes stormy weather over Tecolotito, including the hail storm mentioned in the last Field Notes.

Hail storm!

Flash flood on a Pecos tributary.

More of the same.

Drew and Matthias point out the flash flood high water mark (I have my doubts), with a little help from farm dog, Uno.

Rainbow over the farm.  Tecolotito water tower in the background.

Rainbow over the farm.  Neighbor's horses in the background.


  1. The water was at least as high as I indicated in the photo! Who is the editor?

  2. Well James aka Andy aka Drew, Padre makes similar claims, but I'll wait for the photographic evidence.

  3. I agree John, the fish is always THAT BIG until you see the pictures.