Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greenhouse Photos

The farm greenhouse was mentioned many times in the Field Notes and is an important part of farm production.  Unfortunately I don't have many pics of the greenhouse, so these will have to do for now.  The greenhouse is in the background with Juju "driving" the farm tractor (with a little help from yours truly) in the foreground.  These pics are from June of this year.

 And for good measure here's another pic of Juju driving the tractor (without even the pretense of showing the greenhouse).  The upland/dry portion of the farm is in the background.

My brother Drew (who's 40th birthday is today: happy birthday bro) has promised me he has many more farm pics.  If he has any good greenhouse photos I'll add them.  Of course my folks have a treasure trove of farm pictures locked away on their cameras, but the technical aspects of migrating digital images to a computer bedevil them.  Anyone in New Mexico with a USB cable and a ton a patience want to volunteer to help out?

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